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Employment Forms

We have developed a package of the following basic hire-to-fire forms and policies. We encourage you to use these forms and policies to greatly improve your company’s legal protection in employment screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other related issues.

The forms and policies include:

  • Employment application (including releases that acknowledge an employer’s use of pre-employment tests, within the limits set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s constitutional privacy protections) with accompanying form job description (again, setting the foundation for use of tests at the pre-employment stage)
  • Pre-employment procedures policy (properly positioning the above tests as aimed at job-related qualities rather than physical or mental disabilities).
  • Employment agreement (establishing an agreement for confidentiality/non-disclosure of company trade secrets and mandatory mediation and arbitration in the event of a dispute).
  • Termination policy, checklist and standard release (to be applied with troublesome employees for greater protection against later, frivolous suits).

With the purchase of these forms, you will receive the set hardcopy and electronic copy for ease in adapting the forms to your particular operations.

The forms are available for a $150 service fee. Order now >>>