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Receive helpful news and information about employment law topics including workplace discrimination, overtime and wage laws, wrongful termination prevention and workplace best practices.


Employment Law Seminar

This seminar covers education in legal basics for concerned business owners, executives and human resources department staff. Both federal employment law requirements and California employment law requirements are covered.

Although primarily delivered in California, this seminar can be provided to out-of-state clients.

Emphasis is put on the practical use of the materials and our attendees are encouraged to utilize our question and answer time to ensure they fully understand their course curriculum.

This one-day seminar covers the following:

  • Updated news on changes in arbitration laws and how this can affect you and your business
  • Changes in the discrimination laws and what this means to you, the employer
  • Hiring and firing basics
  • Why communication and documentation is vital
  • Employment applications, interviews and testing - what you need to know
  • Employment agreements
  • Minimum wage, overtime and overtime exemptions
  • Staff training, with sample policies and how to implement them
  • Sample severance pay and release form
  • Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies
  • Discipline and reporting policies
  • Drug testing and other policies concerning worker privacy
  • Vacation, sick pay and leave polices

This seminar includes sample hard-copy employment forms, policies, and a 31-page employee manual.

We provide this seminar for individual supervisors to attend locally. The seminar fee is $180 per each additional attendee from the same company. **Early bird special: $150/person until November 30, 2014**

For more information on upcoming seminars or to schedule a seminar for your business, please contact via email or call us at: 626-583-6600.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.