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Unlawful Harassment In The Workplace Seminar

Seminar for Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

California employers with 50 or more employees or independent contractors are required to provide mandatory sexual harassment prevention and investigation training to its supervisors by January 1, 2016.

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It is unlawful for any California employer “to fail to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring.” Government Code section 12940(j), (k). An employer who misses January 1, 2016 deadline is exposed to potentially greater liability in the event of any future sexual harassment claim, since that training is by definition a reasonable preventative step against discrimination and harassment. It behooves every covered employer which missed the deadline to arrange for the required training as soon as possible.

See our newsletters for a more detailed review of the requirements of the law in articles "MANDATORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING IN CALIFORNIA" and "SEXUAL FAVORITISM IN THE WORKPLACE".

With your supervisors better trained on harassment basics, this session will help you safeguard your company against lawsuits while assisting you to create better employee relations.

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Our seminar includes:

  • a live lecture with printed materials
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • video demonstrations of unlawful conduct
  • a session-ending investigatory scenario in which all participants can apply and demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamentals in this critical field

The seminar topics include:

  • what constitutes unlawful harassment under current federal and California law;
  • the major types of sexual harassment, including the circumstances that will render supervisors personally liable for their actions;
  • the steps all supervisors should take to prevent company liability, including possible punitive damages;
  • the workplace policies an employer can impose to place reasonable limits on romantic relationships between employees; and
  • the major do’s and don’ts in fielding a sexual harassment complaint

This firm specializes in representation of employers in all phases of the legal process, including policy implementation, dispute resolution and litigation defense. Mr. Bowles has been lecturing on employment law to business owners and human resources managers nationwide for the past ten years.

We can provide the required interactive seminar in a working environment that best suits your set up.

  • At your location: For larger companies, we can provide an on-site seminar at your place of business. The fee is $1,500 for groups up to 30 supervisors, with reasonable additional charges for larger groups and distances beyond 30 miles from our Pasadena office.
  • Scheduled location: We periodically provide our own hosted seminar for individual supervisors to attend locally. The fee is $65 per attendee.

For more information and/or scheduling questions please contact our office via email or call us at: 626-583-6600.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.